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Your job is to help our scientists develop products while protecting our trade secrets.
Game Scenario

CyberCIEGE is a high-end, commercial-quality video game developed jointly by Rivermind and the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research. This dynamic, extensible game adheres to information assurance principles to help teach key concepts and practices. CyberCIEGE is a resource management simulation in which the player assumes the role of a decision maker for an IT dependent organization. The objective is to keep the organization's virtual users happy and productive while providing the necessary security measures to protect valuable information assets.

CyberCIEGE enhances information assurance and cyber security education and training through the use of computer gaming techniques such as those employed in SimCity™. In the CyberCIEGE virtual world, users spend virtual money to operate and defend their networks, and can watch the consequences of their choices, while under attack.

This product was developed in a collaboration betwen the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) and Rivermind. The current product has been distributed to several thousand users in the US Government and is currently being developed for distribution to commerical institutions, educational instituions and government agencies outside the United States. To learn more about the product while this site is being developed, please click here to go to the NPS site for CyberCIEGE.

For more information on how to  acquire CyberCIEGE or for consultation on implementing a CyberCIEGE training initiative, please contact Ralph Barhydt. at 415.465.9900 or via email above.

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